What is a Jitterbug Phone? Everything You Need to Know

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Are you looking for an easy-to-use phone with essential features that cater to your specific needs? Look no further than the Jitterbug Phone. But what exactly is a Jitterbug Phone? In this article, I’ll define what a Jitterbug Phone is, its purpose, and a brief history of how it came to be.

Definition of Jitterbug Phone

The Jitterbug Phone is a simplified mobile phone designed primarily for seniors, but it’s also suitable for anyone who wants a straightforward phone with essential features. It boasts a user-friendly design with oversized buttons, easy-to-read screens, and a straightforward interface.

The Purpose of Jitterbug Phone

The primary purpose of Jitterbug Phone is to provide clear and reliable communication for seniors who might find it challenging to use a standard smartphone. It’s suitable for people who want to stay connected with family and friends, but don’t need the bells and whistles of a traditional smartphone.

Brief History of Jitterbug Phone

The Jitterbug Phone was first introduced in 2006 by GreatCall, a San Diego-based company specializing in senior products and services. The phone’s unique design and features immediately caught the attention of seniors who were looking for an easy-to-use phone. Since then, GreatCall has continued to improve the phone’s features and expand its services to meet the evolving needs of its users.

Features of Jitterbug Phone

Are you curious about what makes the Jitterbug Phone stand out? Let’s take a closer look at its features that cater to your unique needs.

Large buttons and easy-to-read screen

The Jitterbug Phone’s user-friendly design features prominent buttons and a clear and bright screen that makes it easy to navigate. This feature is particularly helpful for seniors or anyone with visual impairments.

Urgent Response Button

The Urgent Response Button is a unique feature that sets Jitterbug Phone apart from other phones. In case of an emergency, pressing the button connects the user to a 5Star Urgent Response agent who can assess the situation and dispatch help if necessary.

Compatibility with hearing aids

Many seniors struggle with hearing loss, which can make using a phone challenging. Jitterbug Phone is compatible with most hearing aids, ensuring that users can communicate with ease.

Long-lasting battery life

The Jitterbug Phone boasts an extended battery life, which means less time spent charging and more time spent connecting with loved ones.

Affordable plans and options

Jitterbug Phone offers affordable plans and options that cater to different communication needs. From basic talk and text plans to unlimited data plans, users can choose a plan that suits their specific requirements without breaking the bank.

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Whether you need a phone with large buttons, urgent response capabilities, compatibility with hearing aids, long battery life, or affordable plans, Jitterbug Phone has got you covered.

Benefits of Jitterbug Phone

Are you still on the fence about whether the Jitterbug Phone is right for you or your loved ones? Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of using this phone.

Enhanced Communication for Seniors

The Jitterbug Phone features oversized buttons, a loudspeaker, and adjustable font sizes, making it easier for seniors to communicate with family and friends. It also comes with a voice dial feature, which allows users to make calls hands-free, making it ideal for seniors with mobility issues.

Improved Safety and Security

The Jitterbug Phone comes with an Urgent Response Button, which connects users to certified agents who can provide assistance in case of an emergency. Additionally, the phone has GPS tracking, which allows caregivers to monitor the user’s location and ensure their safety.

Increased Independence and Self-Confidence

By using the Jitterbug Phone, seniors can maintain their independence, as they don’t need to rely on others to operate the phone. Moreover, the phone’s simplified design and user-friendly interface can boost seniors’ self-confidence, making them feel more in control of their technology usage.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety for Caregivers

The Jitterbug Phone can alleviate the stress and anxiety of caregivers because they can rest assured that their loved ones can communicate with them quickly and easily. Additionally, the Urgent Response Button and GPS tracking give caregivers peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones are safe.

Jitterbug Phone vs. Regular Phone

When it comes to choosing a phone, there are several options available, but how does the Jitterbug Phone compare to a regular phone? Let’s explore the differences in design and features, pricing and plans, and the advantages and disadvantages of the Jitterbug Phone.

Differences in Design and Features

The Jitterbug Phone has a simplistic and user-friendly design that caters to seniors and anyone who wants a straightforward phone. It has oversized buttons, a bright and easy-to-read screen, and a straightforward interface. In contrast, regular phones, such as smartphones, have a more complex design with multiple features and capabilities. They may have smaller buttons and screens and may require more technical knowledge to use.

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Comparison of Pricing and Plans

The Jitterbug Phone offers several affordable plans that cater to the specific needs of seniors. They offer talk, text, and data plans with no contracts, no cancellation fees, and no hidden fees. In contrast, regular phones, such as smartphones, may require a contract and can be costly, especially if you need a high data plan.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jitterbug Phone

One of the significant advantages of the Jitterbug Phone is its simplicity and user-friendly design. It’s ideal for seniors and anyone who wants a straightforward phone with essential features. Another advantage is the affordable plans and options available, which cater to the specific needs of seniors.

However, one of the disadvantages of the Jitterbug Phone is that it may not have the same features and capabilities as regular phones, such as smartphones. It may not have access to certain apps or features, such as social media, GPS, or mobile banking. It’s important to consider your specific needs and requirements when choosing a phone.

How to Use Jitterbug Phone

Using the Jitterbug Phone is straightforward and easy. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up and use the phone:

Setting up the phone

  1. Turn on the phone by pressing and holding the red power button on the side of the phone.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your phone. If you need assistance, contact GreatCall customer service.
  3. Set up your voicemail by pressing and holding the “1” button and following the prompts.

Making calls and sending texts

  1. To make a call, enter the phone number using the oversized buttons on the keypad and press the green call button.
  2. To send a text message, select “Messages” from the main menu, enter the recipient’s phone number or select a contact from your phonebook, type your message using the on-screen keyboard, and press “Send.”

Using the Urgent Response Button

The Urgent Response Button is a unique feature of the Jitterbug Phone that provides quick access to emergency services. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Press and hold the Urgent Response Button located on the back of the phone for 5 seconds.
  2. A trained operator will answer your call and assist you with your emergency.
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Troubleshooting common issues

If you encounter any problems with your Jitterbug Phone, here are some common issues and their solutions:

  • Battery issues: If your phone’s battery is draining quickly, try turning off unused features such as Bluetooth or Wi-FIf the problem persists, contact customer service.
  • Poor signal: If you’re having trouble with your phone’s signal, try moving to a different location or contacting customer service for assistance.
  • Phone won’t turn on: If your phone won’t turn on, try charging the battery or contacting customer service for assistance.

By following these steps, you can effectively use your Jitterbug Phone to stay connected and safe.


If you’re considering getting a Jitterbug Phone, you may have some questions about its features and benefits. In this section, I’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Jitterbug Phone.

Who is the ideal user for Jitterbug Phone?

Jitterbug Phone is ideal for seniors or anyone who wants a simple phone with essential features. It’s a great option for those who don’t want to deal with the complexities of modern smartphones.

Is Jitterbug Phone available in my area?

You can check the availability of Jitterbug Phone by visiting the GreatCall website or contacting their customer service team. They’ll be able to provide you with information on the availability of Jitterbug Phone in your area.

How do I activate my Jitterbug Phone?

Activating your Jitterbug Phone is easy. You can activate it online or by calling the GreatCall customer service team. They’ll guide you through the activation process step-by-step.

Can I transfer my current phone number to Jitterbug Phone?

Yes, you can transfer your current phone number to Jitterbug Phone. GreatCall offers a simple process to transfer your phone number from your current carrier.

What happens if I lose my Jitterbug Phone?

If you lose your Jitterbug Phone, you can contact GreatCall’s customer service team, and they’ll help you with the next steps. They may be able to locate your phone using GPS or provide you with a replacement phone.

In conclusion, Jitterbug Phone is an excellent option for those who want a simple and reliable phone with essential features. By understanding its features, benefits, and how to use it, you can make an informed decision about whether Jitterbug Phone is the right phone for you or your loved ones.

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